Senior Team

Meet the leaders of the
Stone Three Mining Solutions team

Stone Three Mining Solutions is led by a group
of passionate individuals, who ensure staff
fulfillment and client satisfaction at all times.


Louis Marais


Louis Marais is the CEO of Stone Three Mining Solutions. He is naturally drawn to work that enables him to create something new. In his role at Stone Three Mining Solutions, Louis drives the development of new advanced technological solutions for the mining industry while managing a highly qualified team of skilled engineers and technical experts.

Leendert van der Bijl

Chief Technology Officer

Leendert van der Bijl is the Chief Technology Officer of Stone Three Mining Solutions. He became part of the Stone Three Venture Technology team in 2007 and was one of the first employees of the Stone Three Mining division when it was established in 2010. Leendert specialises in managing the development and operation of machine vision systems for the mining industry. He loves being involved in the creation of new technology and applying it to real-world scenarios to extract true value.

Carl Rohwer

Chief Projects Officer

Carl Rohwer is the Chief Projects Officer at Stone Three Mining Solutions. He specialises in project scope and costing, ensuring that the company’s projects are delivered on time and within budget. He takes joy in pulling all the facets of the projects together, preferring to keep a hands-on approach to project development from beginning to end.