IntelliFroth™ Flotation Sensor

Real-time measurements
integrated with flotation control

Increasing mineral recovery while providing live and historic visual feedback


Froth Sensor is a camera and laser based system used to measure the height and velocity of froth in flotation cells. This non-intrusive solution is mounted above float cells and provides continuous real-time measurements that are integrated with flotation control. Froth sensor is used to estimate the air recovery and mass pull of each flotation cell. The system provides instant detection of production loss and operates through live camera feeds that integrate with mining control networks, enabling remote visual inspection of flotation cells.

Through continuous, real-time measurement of the flotation state, Froth Sensor increases mineral recovery, while remote viewing software provides live and historic visual feedback.

Froth Sensor can be applied in active flotation processes for control and optimisation purposes, as well as error-state detection such as production loss or sliming.