Stone Three Mining Solutions optimises mineral processing plants through machine vision based smart sensor technology, consultative data analysis and advanced process control services.

Stone Three Mining Solutions develops and engineers a range of machine vision solutions including froth sensors, particle size analysers, volumetric material analysers and bubble sizers that measure and optimise mineral extraction processes for the mining industry. These smart sensors provide process data through image analysis technology that deliver real-time benefits to a range of processes within concentrator and comminution plants.

Through our image analysis smart sensor technology we provide a full range of end-to-end solutions. From a needs analysis to smart sensors supply and consultative data analysis we are able to identify improvement opportunities, develop a control philosophy and implement advanced process control through optimisation.

We further offer custom machine vision solution development services where we take our clients’ measurement requirements and turn them into mature industrial smart sensors. We do this by becoming technology partners to our clients and, through our consultative approach of co-discovery and co-creation, tailor solutions to each client’s specific needs, hence adding measurable value to their daily operations.

Stone Three Mining Solutions have developed an in-house remote support infrastructure, and our clients enjoy continuous support and training services, to ensure each solution operates optimally, all the time.